Create Elastic Job agent resource in Azure

Follow the steps below to create elastic jobs in Azure:

Select Azure Elastic Jobs resource in Azure portal:

Configure the Elastic Job agent:

  • Choose the Azure SQL Database server and Job database.
  • Select the Service tier for the Job database (S1 or above).
  • Optional settings:
    • Configure Managed identity and Tags.
    • Enable Geo-redundancy for regional failover (optional, increases cost).
    • Choose the Storage redundancy level (LRS, GRS, GZRS).

Create a new job database:

  • Define the Job database name.
  • Choose the Compute + storage tier (default: Standard - S1).
  • Optional settings:
    • Configure database for further customization (service tier, backup, threat protection).

Review and create:

  • Review the summary of your chosen configurations.
  • Click Review + create to provision the Elastic Job Agent.
  • Optionally use Previous to edit earlier settings.