Adding targets to the target group

The Add Target screen allows users to specify and add targets to a previously created target group. Targets represent databases where jobs will be executed. Users can choose from three target types: SqlServer, SqlElasticPool, and SqlDatabase.

Steps to Add a New Target

  1. Navigate to the Add Target Screen
    • Click on “Add target to target group” from the previous screen to open this interface.

  2. Select Target Type
    • Choose one of the following target types:
      • SqlServer: Select the server name and refresh the credential name.
      • SqlElasticPool: Provide the server name, refresh credential name and elastic pool name.
      • SqlDatabase: Specify the server name and refresh the credential name.
  3. Fill in Additional Fields
    • Depending on the selected target type, additional fields will appear:
      • For SqlElasticPool: Enter the elastic pool name.
      • For other types: No additional fields are required.
  4. Click OK to Add the New Target
    • Confirm your choices and add the target to the target group.

Steps to Delete a target from the Target group

  1. Open the target group properties
    • Open the target group containing the target you would like to delete.
  2. Select the target from the grid
    • Select the target from the target grid you would like to delete and scroll the row to the right.
    • Click on the Delete action button.
    • Click Yes on the confirmation screen to delete the target.