Upon logging in to the Azure Elastic Job database, users are presented with the landing screen of Azure Elastic Jobs Manager. This interface serves as the central hub for managing and monitoring various jobs and target groups.

Interface Elements

Top Menu Bar

  • New Job: Allows users to create a new job.
  • New Credentials: Enables users to add new credentials.
  • New Target Group: Users can create a new target group.
  • Refresh: Refreshes the current view.

Jobs Section

Lists all existing jobs with their names and statuses:

Target Groups Section

Displays all target groups:

Job Credentials Type

Indicates the type of job credentials being used. This can be User-assigned managed identity (UMI) or Database-scoped credentials.

Top 5 Running Jobs

Displays information about the top 5 running jobs including:

  • Job Name
  • Time Elapsed

Job Status Indicators

Shows job statuses in various colors indicating: - Succeeded (Green) - In Progress (Yellow) - Failed (Red) - Timed Out (Pink) - Other (Blue)

Each status is also accompanied by a count of jobs in that particular state within the last 24 hours.

At the bottom, there are navigation buttons including Back, Settings, Cancel, and Help for additional options and navigation.