Managing job schedule

This section describes how to configure scheduling options for your jobs.

Schedule Configuration Options

  1. Mark Enabled checkbox to enable scheduling settings for the job.
  2. Occurrence Setting:
    • Select Occurs Once option if the job should execute only once.
    • Choose Occurs Every option to set a recurring schedule. Specify the frequency (e.g., every 3 hours) and select the time unit (Minutes/Hours/Days/Weeks/Months).
  3. Start Date & Time:
    • Set the date and time when the job should start executing.
  4. End Date & Time Options:
    • Choose either a specific end date and time or select No End Date for perpetual scheduling.

Summary Section

  • Displays a summary of your configured schedule settings, including frequency and timing details and the timezone.

If you wish to schedule the job in a different timezone, go to settings of the wizard and change the timezone. Reopen the job schedule.