Release notes

1.1.2 (06/12/2024)


  1. Added option to resize job, target group, and script viewer screens.

1.1.1 (05/21/2024)

  1. Fixed the issue to not open same Window when the user chooses to open it again.

1.1.0 (05/12/2024)

  1. Added ‘Clone Job as New’ menu item to jobs to create a copy of an existing job.
  2. Added ‘Script Job (T-SQL)’ menu item to jobs to script entire job definition in T-SQL.
  3. Bug fixes.

1.0.9 (05/03/2024)

  1. Enlarged steps view on the job screen to show the entire grid without a scrollbar.
  2. Enlarged targetgroup screen to show target grid without a scrollbar.

1.0.6 (05/01/2024)

  1. Bug fix in fetching SqlElasticPool targets for a target group.

1.0.3 (03/03/2024)

  1. Added Reset All button to reset user profile settings.

1.0.0 (02/25/2024)

  1. Initial release of the tool.