Create or alter the job

  • On the top panel, select New Job to open the job creation window.
  • Or double-click on an existing job to edit the job.
  • Or right-click on an existing job and click the Properties to edit the job.

  1. General Information
    • Name: Enter the name of your job in the Name field.
    • Description: Provide description of your job in the Description field.
  2. Job Execution Details
    • Last Run Outcome: This field will display the outcome of the last run once the job has been executed.
    • Last Executed: Indicates when this particular job was last executed.
  3. Script & Help Options
    • Click on Script if you want to script the changes made in the job. This is an SQL script that will be executed against the agent job database when users save job changes.
    • Click on Help for assistance and documentation related to this interface.
  4. Save or Cancel
    • Click OK to save and create or alter the job.
    • Click Cancel to discard the changes.

Ensure all required fields are filled out before clicking “OK” to avoid errors and ensure the smooth creation of your new Azure elastic jobs.

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